A Walk To Remember

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Friday I was sitting in the school and I was burdened with the thoughts of not expressing myself with confidence. I accidentally open my Facebook account and was scrolling through post showing up on my feed. I observed that one of my Nirpendra has shown interest in an event named Forest Walk. 

I had some interesting thoughts this week where I was reflecting on my childhood. Actually, I was finding the dots to connect myself with Wildlife, forest or so-called nature. I was attracted to this event more when I saw the picture of trees depicting a forest and the lines mentioned below- which appeared to me like “Kuch doondh rahe ho Apni life mein? to phir Chalo is forest walk par!

I reached on the time where we were asked to meet i.e. near the front gate of Don Bosco School, Greater Kailash. We started the Forest Walk at 7:35 AM, with the sun yet to rise. Our guide and facilitator for The walk was Riya. She started the walk with the simple instructions to be able to connect with our inner wisdom, with the people around us and with nature. Before we went in the search of ourselves in the surroundings, she created a space to make us visualize the connection between art and nature or let’s just say, art inspired from and by nature. 

Through our first activity, Riya invited us to look around and collect one thing which represents our own selves. I felt intrigued initially. But at the same time, I was amazed to find that I had never thought like this before. I had never ventured out before and looked for a connection with nature in all its objectivity. A few deep breaths and I was finally able to think through. 

I collected sand. why?

I realized that like a tree is bonded with the sand and able to grow prosperously and give fruits; just like we as individuals get connected to our souls deep within, we can create friends and relationship beautiful in our lives.

It was our courage which has brought us to this space through Slow School and gave the opportunity to connect with people. It was also the belief of the people who thought of, showed up and finally created this space to connect individuals with themselves while interacting with nature.

Forest Walk Community Member