The times are urgent, let us slow down.

- Bayo Akomolafe

In a world that is becoming faster, driven by digitisation and global rhythms, the distance between who people are and what they actually do is getting larger. Education is increasingly becoming more skills focused and vocational and the emphasis on the “important questions” tend to be restricted to a few “lliberal arts and humanities” courses we might study in college. The true mission of education, or bringing out the best in everyone, is lost. There are hardly any avenues for adults to cultivate themselves with the help of mentors and guides once they are done with formal education and are left to navigate on their own helped by readings.

Slow School seeks to address this gap by designing and curating deeply transformational experiences that promote reflection, self-discovery, authenticity, and creativity and brings these to a range of people in India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring together thousands of deeply transformational experiences to people living all over the world and to also help passionate educators and learning experience designers invent authentic and exciting learning experiences for people all over.


Founder, Slow School

Nirat is the Founder of Slow School and also a Partner at Dalberg Advisors in Asia. Since graduating from IIM Bangalore & IIT Kharagpur in India, he has straddled roles in strategy consulting, human-centered design, and entrepreneurship. But the most important journey he has been on is the inner journey. Over the years, he has come to believe that it is very important to discover true authenticity and operate from a place of deep knowing and bring to life, into the outer world, creations-projects-ideas-ventures that are a true representation of one’s authentic self and not just imitations of hot trends and cool stuff. He balances his work at Dalberg that focuses on outer-SDG focused change with the inner-change focused work at Slow School and is deeply appreciative of approaches such as Theory U, the Hero’s Journey in making these inner shifts possible.


Community Manager, Slow School

Divyangna, a post graduate of Literature from Mumbai University and a former Teach For India Fellow, believes in the uncharted potential of every human. As a Fellow, she has worked closely with the school community stakeholders to develop holistic learning spaces for her children, parents and teachers, including her two year Theatre-In-Education project, Kathaakar. Through the years, she has worked on inner transformation through arts, reflective safe spaces and education as tools to enable young individuals to pursue their passion. Currently, she is the Community Manager with The Slow School and envisions to meet people from different communities to learn and re-create such spaces.