Theater of the Oppressed Workshop

Rang Karwan

‘Rang Karwan’ is an attempt to use theater, music and dance as a tool to understand oneself, express all the emotions we hold within us, tell the untold stories, educate children with life skills and equip them with the power of art, to question the patterns and norms of society that are slowly turning into oppression, acknowledging the inner repression and trying to break patterns to became aware of our full potential for dialogue with our fellow human beings.

Theater of the Oppressed Workshop

Thorugh the Theatre of The Oppressed Workshop, participants will be introduced to a wide variety of games, exercises and longer structures in TO, with in-depth debrief sessions, and we will wrap this up with a public forum performance on the last day, i.e. 30th of November.

Originally developed out of Augusto Boal’s work with the Brazilian peasant population, Theater of the Oppressed (TO) is now used all over the world for social and political activism, for resolution of individual and group struggles, community building, therapy and treatment, and in the making of government legislation.

Theater of the Oppressed is neither theater as entertainment, nor theater for propaganda. It is a form of popular community-based education where we analyze and question as opposed to accepting and giving answers.  It is also about using the body to “act” rather than just talk, discuss or debate.

Theater once belonged to all and was not a specialized profession. The ability to express ourselves with our bodies, and to communicate with others through our bodies, is innate to all of us. Hence, this workshop is for everyone who is willing to understand their self and surroundings and question and explore the issues residing around them.

25th November to 30th November, 4-7 pm

INR 2500

Concession for Pair: INR 4,000
For a group of a minimum of 5 people: INR 7500.

For actors, non-actors and everyone else. For all above 18, who are willing to question the system and hierarchies, believe in the power of dialogue and open to learning a new tool to all this. Participant doesn’t need to be associated with theater.


NAB (National Association of Blinds) INDIA CENTRE for Blind Women and Disability Studies, L-25, HAUZ KHAS ENCLAVE, NEW DELHI 11016

Near Chor Minar, Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas, exit gate number 3.

Vandana is an art-based facilitator & activist. She uses theater as a tool to work with the communities. She has facilitated theater for people of different genders, ages, and varying educational and economic strata.