Slow School curates carefully selected transformational experiences and journeys that vary widely in length, pedagogy, setting, as well as end objectives. We have nearly 40 journeys that range from a day to more than a week, that use wildlife, art, meditation, and travel as the mediums, and that cater to a wide range of people. We invite you to explore details below and get in touch if you have any questions.

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Theatre of the Oppressed is a 6-day workshop for 3 hours daily, which uses theatre as a tool for therapy and enables everyone to communicate with their bodies and become aware of their emotions and surroundings.
Meditative Pilgrimage is a 4-day journey through which the participants will be take to different traditional and cultural sites and led into different meditations and practices relevant to the place.
Bringing Your Yoga Practice Home is a 4-day yoga immersion program that enables you to find your yoga style and develop following practice sequence
Living in Stillness – Yin Yoga Retreat is a 5-day nourishing journey to experience a shift as mindfulness-based principles are incorporated to create a sense of calmness & reflection
Wisdom of Emptiness is a 8-day step-by-step journey to a deeper understanding of emptiness and its relevance to our own development of happiness and compassion
Radical Compassion and Profound Wisdom is a 7-day journey to deepen one’s understanding of the how and why of compassion and the application of wisdom, happiness and peace in one’s life.
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