We are proud to partner with some of the most thoughtful organisations that are working on promoting inner learning and reflection. These include nature based organisations as well as youth based organisations such as Youth Alliance. Details of our partners are given below and we invite you to get in touch with us.

Auroville Campus Initiative, Auroville

Auroville is a universal township in the making for a population of up to 50,000 people from around the world, the purpose of which is to realise human unity – in diversity. Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI) is the department of further learning of Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER), Auroville. The Auroville Campus Initiative sees Auroville as an integral learning campus & focuses on building long-term learning programmes for youth from Auroville & outside. 

mera gaon

Mera Gaon Meri Dunia (Mgmd)

Mera Gaon Meri Dunia (MGMD) organization is an alliance of young minds to build a world based on the core values of collaboration, trust and decentralized leadership. We work on rural transformation through youth empowerment. 



Ritambhara is a collective of seekers, who are attempting to engage with the question “What does it mean to live meaningfully in today’s times, along the path of Yoga?” The members share a common concern for the current ecological, socio-cultural and political state of the world, and find deep wisdom and hope in the teachings and praxis of Yoga as a way forward from these crises. A registered trust, Ritambhara offers an alternative way of engaging with life, rooted in Indian tradition and encompassing contemporary practices to help you live a life full of Rasa. 

auroville art

Kolam Yoga

Based out of Auroville, Kolam Yoga is integral schooling, created from and dedicated to Kolam training. It includes learning, researching and teaching of its therapeutic and spiritual methods. Although kolam is embedded in Tamil culture its principles are universal in nature. The ultimate aim of Kolam Yoga is one of self development and self-realization. 

sahaj logo

Sahaj Foundation

Sahaj Foundation aims to facilitate individuals and communities to unlearn the prevalent social conditionings with respect to various aspects of life and bring out their natural ability to see things more clearly and objectively; the primary objective is to make individuals aware of their inner journey, guide them to find clarity on what they wish to do in the world outside and finally empower them to gather courage to be able to do so. 

serve happiness logo

Serve Happiness Foundation

Serve Happiness Foundation is a nonprofit organisation based out of Bharauch, Gujrat that focuses on creating and spreading happiness globally by inspiring youth to undertake entrepreneurial initiatives through the Prerna Yatra (Inspiration Journey) model. Narmada Prerna Yatra, Tapi Prerna Yatra, Sabarmati Prerna Yatra and the Jaipur Prerna Yatra are excursions across the different rural parts of India to meet various role models and find oneself (even in fragments) along this journey. Thus far, 13 Prerna Yatras have been organized and more than 200 change makers across 18 states in India have participated, creating social projects after getting inspired from their participation in the Prerna Yatras. 

shunya logo

Shunya Earth

Shunya Farm is based in Bir, Himachal Pradesh and was first started by Dr. Spero Latchis and Robin Jameson, from the USA. Through the farm, its caretakers wish to preserve and augment the biodiversity in the area and consolidate and create a knowledge base for the old and new residents to explore new ways of thinking, livelihoods and lifestyle options. The practices on the farm are influenced by Fukuoka’s natural way of farming and Permaculture design. 


Youth Alliance

Youth Alliance nurtures empathetic leaders who apply their head, heart, and hands to understand the world and drive change. Youth Alliance is solving the issue of lack of spaces for young people to nurture leadership for long-term & sustainable social change by conducting ethical leadership and experiential learning programs across India designed to raise awareness of careers in social change and inculcate a spirit of service across sectors. 

Traveller's Uni

Traveller's University

Traveller’s University is a learning community to support individuals who are interested to travel and learn to deepen their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world, and are looking for alternative choices in education. It is a platform to nurture young minds, encourage questions and push one’s thought process by giving them an exposure to traditional knowledge systems, a plethora of sustainable solutions available, varied philosophies and ideologies. It is for youth to venture outside their academics and work-life to engage with questions that perturb them and work together to find answers.


Root Institute

Root Institute for Wisdom Culture is a beautiful oasis of tranquillity located in the holy land of Bodhgaya, where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment more than 2,500 years ago. They offer courses and retreats on Tibetan Buddhist meditation and philosophy in English, and pilgrimages steeped in the history and culture of Buddhism. Their courses are taught by experienced Western and Tibetan teachers, and emphasise the practical application of the Buddha’s teachings to increase wisdom, compassion, peace and happiness in one’s daily life.

Additionally, their social service projects – school, clinic and welfare – bring immediate benefit to our rural community.



Unbind is an organisation creating social change through students and practitioners of design. They believe that students of design and architecture can be powerful change-makers in today’s world, and our programs aim to inspire these change agents.

They regularly conduct programs in villages, designed to create an impact on three levels- personal, community and systematic level.



Kavyata means insight or wisdom. They partner with individuals and organizations to Reimagine Work, by facilitating insights and wisdom around work.

Their experience of working in Talent Management, Learning & Development and Personal Growth, enables them to help people to know and grow themselves against the changing context of work. They partner with organizations to foster practices, systems, and designs that have human agency at their core and enable work which is meaningful and impactful.



Alaap is a social enterprise that works at the intersection of environmental degradation and poverty to ensure that both people and nature thrive in harmony.


Grassroutes journeys

Grassroutes is an award-winning social enterprise, connecting rural & urban India which has been operational since 2007.

Their aim is to make travel sustainable and beneficial for the communities they work with and to enable travelers to understand the village community and to experience the authentic life through new and enriching experiences.


Rajasthan kabir yatra

The Rajasthan Kabir Yatra is India’s longest traveling folk music festival which journeys over 5 days in rural areas of Rajasthan, bringing to life the questions on self, relationships. passion, being and their connection to day-to-day actions


Sharing Nature Experiences

Sharing Nature India is part of Sharing Nature Worldwide, a global movement dedicated to helping people of all ages deepen their relationship with Nature. Sharing Nature uses creative, life-changing Nature activities and Flow Learning, a revolutionary teaching system that fosters empathy and makes ecological principles come alive. It uses experiential games and activities to teach principles of ecology and natural sciences. Sharing Nature aims to broaden people’s sympathies and inspire a sense of stewardship through immersive and life-changing Nature experiences.



Anubhavshala is a learning & design consultancy started with an intention of bringing out the best in people and organizations. they believe that each individual has an innate potentiality which remains either untouched or unexplored.

They work in reclaiming the potential by building compassionate and happy communities (organisational, institutional & individual) where people start trusting and loving the process.