What does an ‘escape’ feel like?

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Living in the capital of our country surrounded by the elemental buildings, roads, structures, and humans as far as the eye can see, one needs a breather. At least I do. Time and again.

After working at my start-up for almost three months now, there came a time when I could feel the very core of my being constricted to the center of my body. I was working, but in a TV mode; a TV that’s on, that’s using its energy without paying heed to the source. It reflected in my conversations, in the way I was using up my time and the way that words flowed out of the pencil that I was holding when it came to writing my gratitude journal for the night. And I knew that it was time. My body needed a press of the ‘Refresh’ button that had been put away in the most unreachable shelf.

But taking an off from work even on weekends doesn’t come easy to me. At times it feels like I am abandoning my work, something that should be my priority and leaving the city felt like running from something. 
At the same time, I realized how my ‘I’ also matters, in the essence of an individual, an employee, a friend, a simple human soul. It would make sense when my being is nourished and fulfilled that I can bring the best of me to the spaces that I am a part of, consciously.

That’s when I decided to visit the pink city in its monsoon blossoming. 

The city was a fresh breath of air. With fewer vehicles on the road (as compared to Delhi), less pollution and a full view of monsoon clouds making their way towards me felt like being in paradise. The best part about being in Jaipur for two days was being able to actually feel the ‘fresh air’. The city is paved with lush green shrubs, trees and lined with small pastures of its shades.

The elements of the city are what calls one to slow down. Staying at my friend’s place for the evening, it was when I witnessed the setting sun in all its glory that I felt overwhelming gratitude. And I knew that the upcoming two days will be what I take back to my spaces in Delhi, in the form of refreshed me. 

Starting the days with visiting the touristy places to walking on the brick-laden walkways, the time that I was able to spend with myself enabled me to look even more closely. 

With the beauty of the places that I went to, the walks that I walked, the conversations that flowed through the air and the unexpectedness of the water droplets on my skin as a gift from the skies, I escaped. 
I escaped into the expanse that I had slithered into within my own self and that needed a little grooming, a moment of introspection and lots and lots of reflection.

This escape felt ecstatic. It opened a floodgate of thoughts, musings, questions and I am looking forward to unfurling each of them with patience and self-love. 
Until next time 🙂 

Community Manager, Slow School